Behind the White Coat

So we’re still on the matter of hasty generalizations and conclusions about Doctors. If you missed the first part of this piece, quickly read it up here

All Doctors Have Bad Handwriting

Today’s post is a continuation from where we stopped last week. Let me quickly say that though some of these statements are true about some doctors, most of them are actually misconceptions that have grown in your mind over time and as doctors, we’re ready to demystify them.

4. Doctors should know everything 🤔.
Really?! We aren’t Wikipedia or Google. Fine, we spend all our lives reading and all but that doesnt guarantee that we’d have answers to all your health questions. It is perfectly normal for a doctor to say “I’m sorry, I do not have an answer to that question at the moment but I’d get back to you on it”. Does that make the doctor a quack? No! In fact, it makes the doctor a “safe doctor” who is willing to “go and check” rather than feed you with false and misleading information. The next time your doctor admits he doesn’t know something, we hope you wouldn’t give that look that says “And you call yourself a doctor 🙄”

5. Doctors are boring
I think I partly agree with this one. But again, I partly disagree. I feel it’s a personality issue more than a profession issue. Some people have great personalities whereas some have very introverted personalities. Hence, saying all doctors are boring to be with is as good as saying all actors are interesting to be with. Both statements are gross misjudgments of people based on their professions. One thing I can be sure about though is this… Being with a doctor is always an adventure into knowledge island!

6. Doctors are gross!
Fine! We’ve seen it all and we can be so detached when talking about sensitive topics. But again, decency is an integral part of our profession and if by any chance we say something gross, it’s probably with the intent of being humorous rather indecent. In all, it’s not really our fault that the job can make us desensitized a bit. We promise to do our best to maintain social decorum in our speech and actions.

Please remember, doctors are awesome and amazing people who do their best to make the world a better place. Such stereotypic statements about us only paint us the way some people see us, not the way we really are.

Let’s learn to see beyond the surface and see the true person behind that white coat. You’d be amazed what you’d find out! 🤓

Dr Osunlusi Olufemi
MBBS Lagos

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