Let’s Be One


Emeka, when will you emulate Adaku
When will you start being a playmaker
And stop dancing ShakuShaku

All you ever caused me
Are cries, pains and hurt
Why not just let me be
And stop haunting my thoughts

You’re just like Papa!
A piece of nothingness,
Yes,you my brother
All I see in you is emptiness


Your words make me giddy
Boluses of comparisons and curry of resentment
Spread on plates of uneven love
Isn’t this the lunch Mama served you well through childhood?

They made you into the better child
I was just your little brother who could never be good enough

Years of unbalanced treatment
Made me a victim in my own family
I’ve had enough!

My brothers
Mama is long gone
But let me speak her words from the grave beyond

“I apologize for my foolishness

Should have moulded you both with inspiration

Instead I nursed you in competition

I should have trained you to help the other

Instead I built you to hate your brother”

Come my brothers,
Listen to the words of our dead mother
Fight no more
For together, each is better
As a part of the whole family
Than as individual, isolated siblings.


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