Dear EnGw

Dear EnGw

I give up

It’s been 4 years now and it seems my life has been on hold ever since. I don’t want to sound overtly superstitious but.. it appears as though my village people are after me! Failure upon failure, academics wise. Can’t even seem to win the battle in my mind anymore. This is the 7th time I’m writing the same exam. Countless resits and repeating the class over again. I’ve watched my mates graduate and leave me behind and it’s like I’m just moving around in circles, hovering over the same spot.

I’m fed up, EnGw. Let me just end everything and go to a place where troubles don’t exist.

From Jamal

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3 thoughts on “Dear EnGw

  1. Dear Jamal,

    Our failures don’t define us. Instead, they shapen us for the celebrations ahead when we finally succeed.

    Truth be told, you’ve preserved for long writing the same exam over and over. But one more shot at it and that might be all you need to succeed. Giving up now might not be the best option. Trust us when we say you’re closer to your success than you’ve ever imagined.

    And as regards ending it all and going to a peaceful place, such place only exists in your mind. The mind is the best place to find peace. Suicide is not, and should never be, an option. Don’t even consider it, Jamal.

    You’d be fine, promise.

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  2. Dear Jamal,
    Like Dr Femi said, our failures doesn’t define us. Trust me, God might be trying to tell you something through this that you’ve not noticed or you’ve not paid attention to. There is a big testimony waiting for you. Things don’t just happen, God is working something out for you. So what you should be doing is seeking him in this period and not thinking of suicide.
    You’ll be fine Jamal and I’ll pray for you.

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  3. Hi Jamal,
    Suicide is never the best option, It leaves more pain than can ever be imagined and even leads to damnation, not relief..
    Whatsoever the situation may be, God has the solution (Jer 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not). All power belongs to God. Pls, do not give up hope & faith in God. Pray fervently about it and believe God for an answer..
    AIso, If your next exam is not close by, I think you should take a weekend off school work (you can paint or write or do any other nice thing that you like).
    Take care.


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