A Beautiful Chaos

A myriad of stars
swimming scattered in the ocean
The shadows of them
reflecting, sprinkled randomly in the sky

A Beautiful Chaos

Black, White, Blue, Brown,
Pale, Red, swift like the feet of a castrated fawn
Blinking like pearly diamonds on a golden crown
Yet, so bleak like Shakespeare’s dawn

A Beautiful Chaos

Lagos, land of opportunities
Bustling with hot wind
Money constantly changing hands
Soon, we see the realities
of tax, of rent, of spiking bus fares that never rescind
The realities of no-man’s land!

A Beautiful Chaos

Agege, Ikeja, Ojuelegba
Makoko, Ikoyi, Idi-araba
Somolu, Banana Island, all in one state
A sandwich of classes, sweet taste on my palate

A Beautiful Chaos
Chaotic Beauty
Is what Eko akete
has come to be



…writing stories since Adam and Eve

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