Saturday of a Budding Artist

So y’all know I’m a doctor right, and a writer too. Well, some would also have noticed my recent hobby. Art!

Yeah. And guess what gets me the most? Doodles πŸ˜„

An example of doodles

Drawing Doodles is so therapeutic, it literally takes you away into another realm. A lot of people ask me the great question “What is this that you’re drawing” and I simply give them the greatest answer of all time: “I Don’t Know” and that is the honest truth.

So here I am somewhere in the busy hub of Ojuelegba, Lagos making my first attempt at putting my work into a picture frame. I got the address from a senior artist and thanks to Google Maps, I was able to locate the place.

Gonac Frames at Tejuosho Road (near the Zenith Bank) is a place to be if you’re an artist and want to frame your works, or a photographer, or you just want to frame anything.. Awards, portraits, name it. And they’re quite affordable.

But guess what caught my eyes the most here. It’s the beauty of art. Quite a number of paintings laid by the walls and my eyes just feasted away. I was tempted to take pictures but you know that’s unprofessional.

Here’s a picture of my own famed artwork anyways. I call it EdenπŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡

5 thoughts on “Saturday of a Budding Artist

  1. It’s amazing….. I’ve never heard of doodles before, I knew it was through your whatsapp status and I’m really loving it. …… Nice one bruv.


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