What You should do with “Your Anger”

It’s the best thing that you can do when you’re upset. Go angry. Go angry at yourself for allowing yourself to get into that awkward position; go angry at the object of your anger, which could be a person you got into a squabble with, or something that just wouldn’t work.

Anger is an incredible tool in crisis management. It helps to produce that momentary adrenaline needed to jolt into a situation and save the day. But then, that anger should always have a half-life. It should be short-lived and meaningful. It should produce results.

And the only way to get results out of anger is to channel that energy positively. Channel your anger towards the problem, not towards the person. Confront the situation objectively and don’t let your anger becloud your judgement.

In the end, it’s always true that an angry person is a danger to themselves and the people around them. Don’t let your anger get the better of you. In the words of one of my colleagues, “Channel your energy, Darlink”

Move from one end to the other

By Alakowe

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