Brother Segun used to say…

He was my childhood barber. Not his real name though, but he was a special person in my life. He made me see that life revolved very simply, just like that chair in in shop. What goes round, doesn’t always comes around, he’d say.

And he taught me to take my looks seriously too. “Girls like fine boys, but you must get money sha o, and some brains too“.

Reflecting on those times in his small shop makes me sure of a few things.

People are good. Good people still exist. And good people do last.

Brother Segun is still barbing and guess what, he’s a Boss now. I’d leave you with one of his famous quotes 👇 👇 👇

Pls share till this reaches that “Brother Segun” in your life that makes childhood worth thinking about

EnGw- Efiko na God work

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