Oga Emeka say…

I used to think everything revolved around money for him. For he was devoted to his business. Importer, Exporter, Pure water!
One day, I asked Oga Emeka what was the most important thing to him. And then he sang that song to me
🎶 If we no make money, wetin we gain 🎶

But then he added, “my brother, money cannot fit to buy happinace o”, with his Igbo tongue betraying him quickly.

He shared with me how his wife had fought breast cancer for the past 12 years and despite him giving her the best of medical care that money could buy, her health dwindled by the day.

“My brother”, he told me, “the onle thing that is important to me, is that smile on her face when she looks at me every morning and says “di m, ọ ga-adị mma”. That smile, no money can buy o,”

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EnGw- Efiko na God work

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