Sheila says

“I’m 87 years young” she said with a grin along her cheeks. “It’s a long time to be born, 1932” she smiled as she confirmed her date of birth to me. Sheila had come for her right hip replacement surgery. As I took her bloods for routine post-op tests, I asked “what would you say is the most important lesson life has taught you, Sheila?”

Ah“, she sighed heavily, “two heart attacks, my womb removed, this is the fourth joint I’m replacing, cataracts in both my eyes and diabetes; life has taught me to be grateful- it’s not over until it’s done” she smiled again.

I walked out of that room feeling like “whao! I’m grateful for my back pain, it only hurts once in a while” I said to myself.

Five minutes down the hospital corridor and my bleep went buzzing. It was from room 8, the same room I had just stepped out of. She was having a heart attack (her third!). The cardiac arrest team had gathered and quickly, as we wanted to attempt CPR on her, there it was boldly tattooed on her chest – “DONT YOU DARE BRING ME BACK! IT’S OVER NOW”.

I moved closer to the headside of the bed and she had that witty smile even in death. “It’s over, Doc” were her last words, or at least, that was what I interpreted from that smile on her cold face. šŸ˜Š

Thanks for reading yet another episode of the #COMBS series. I do hope you enjoyed it. In case you don’t know what #COMBS is all about, well, here is a short description of the concept behind it šŸ‘‡

COMBS is a collection of ultra-short stories with very little information, but very deep meanings. This is because the short stories were “combed-out” of various life experiences and diverse people’s perspectives. Hence the name “COMBS”. If you didn’t figure it out, then re-read this from the start.

Feel free to surf through the nlogfor previous episodes of the #COMBS series of you missed any. Here are the links to Brother Segun say, Aunty Tawa say, Oga Emeka say, and Bob says.

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EnGw-Efiko na God work

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