We all say

Subtle- thats the word“. Krishna described with pains, the discrimination he faced daily in England. “It’s like it’s a holy crime to be different

Chinedu’s experience wasn’t so much much different, only extreme. “I was greeted with hostility everywhere I went” he recalled as he narrated his encounters as an Igbo trader in Kano, Northern Nigerian. “I felt like I always needed to watch my back”

Zhang Wei couldn’t find the right words to express how he felt. “There I was, the only Chinese guy in my faculty in this American college, and everyone just thought I was responsible for any tech problems that happened. If someone’s phone was hacked or something, it definitely had to be me”. He chuckled as he said “you know the worst part? They even changed my name to Zee World. How difficult was it to pronounce Zhang Wei!”

We all try in our little ways not to judge others based on their skin color or place of origin. We’re all guilty in one way or the other of judging others, of discriminating others, of making others feel inferior.

And we all say we love! Please! We can do better.🤗

EnGw- Efiko na God work

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