I Shine!

The King of the East

the Moon called to me this morning
“Can’t you see what you’re lacking?”
I looked to myself
looking for what was missing

Wasn’t I the one who shone so bright I could blind anyone’s eyes?
Or maybe that was my defect
I was too bright! O my!

The day quickly passed as I burnt out my rays
I couldn’t wait for twilight to come

I sought out the moon
I waited for her till dusk

Maybe she’d teach me how to shine a little less
Maybe she’d teach me how to accommodate some darkness

Little did I know I was already setting
Little did I know the night was already falling

By the time the moon came to give me lectures
The owls were already around
Their gory eyes scared my dim self

My glory waned as evening fell
My light faded out, I died without knowing

The Jealous moon smiled in conquest
She knew what she had done
Using the cunning ways of the aye-aye and the nine-banded armadillo
She had me doubting myself

Her crafty words made me vacillate in uncertainties and perplexities
She used the burrowing beak of worry to eat up my confidence, bit by bit

I plotted my own suicide with my own hands
Her words were the poison,
But I must confess, they tasted nice in my ears

Now I struggle with midnight
I struggle because I must prove to myself once again
That I am Sunshine
The King who rises in the East
I was made to shimmer
I was made to glitter

The watchmen look out for me
They are assured that I would come again, come morning
Their hope gives me hope
Their patience gives me strength

I will not disappoint
For I am the Sun
I Shine!

Written by EnGw

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