Hi Fam, this is a first of its kind on the blog and I’m delighted to say that its a welcome development to the EnGw brand.

A fellow writer asked me to review her book and i must say that its a great honor to be asked to do so. Here’s the book and my review

“Bekah and Isaac must find true love; but one thing that supersedes this search is the longing to please God.
Will they give in to the doubt that comes with the uncertainty of serving an invisible Creator, or would they pursue their personal desires?
Follow Rume in this dazzling journey to find out what true love really means, and how a popular Bible story is told through the most unconventional, yet fascinating lenses of a brilliant writer.
Nice work, Rume”

Anyone who knows me as a literary person knows how perfectionist I can be when it comes to writings. Yearning beats all my expectations to the finest detail. I can tell you that it’s one of those books I’ve read (by Nigerian authors) that meets international standards, to say the least.

I find the story line simple, yet classy; and if you’re like me who doesn’t like too many complications in a plot, then Yearning is just the perfect book for you.

Spoiler ALERT: (No spoilers here lol!)

Go download the book on Rume’s site for free today via this link:

Feel free to download and enjoy

‘Femi Osunlusi

 for the EnGw Team

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