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The beginning of a thing is a defining moment in time. It defines its purpose, its direction, and most importantly, its end. As a creative, I have come to learn that most times, you might be stuck at the beginning of an article, trying to understand where the article would go, or what it should major on, but that’s usually the most difficult part of the write-up itself. The beginning!

It’s sort of the time when you sit back and plan the article. And then you find yourself pouring all your energy into it.

Be warned though. The beginning doesn’t guarantee an end. But at least, it would be said that you tried.

So, whatever you’ve set out to achieve this year, know this for sure. The beginning matters.

Plan well, and you’d see your goals take off on their own wings, of course with maximal effort and most importantly, God’s grace.

Cheers to a sweet 2020!


4 thoughts on “Begin-ning

  1. Yeah!!!…

    The begining doesn’t guarantee an end…buh it would be said that i tried….

    I’ll start!!!!!!

    Thanks Sir….


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