Hi Guys.

So, Some of you know I got married recently. Well for those who don’t know, I sure did! And yeah, She’s the most beautiful Woman in the world and here’s me letting you guys in on one of our secrets.

As a writer that I am, and a hopeful romantic that I am (‘cos I cannot be hopeless in Jesus’ name), I formed the habit of writing my SuggieMoi a poem every now and then.

I call it T-TOIL and it’s an acronym for “To The One I Love“.

Yeah. I bet you didn’t see that coming right? I know it’s geeky and all, but hey, what can a glasses-wearing doctor do?

And I know today is neither her birthday nor is it Valentine’s Day and all, but Imma paint this blog red with Love because I choose to celebrate my Darling Wife.

Mariam, in case you’re reading this, I apologize in advance. But I just love you too much, Sweetie! And You deserve all the PDA in the universe. So here it goes, my TTOIL for today

How can I describe Virtue?
I just say the name, Mariam!

You’re exceptionally gifted
Amazingly worded
Incredibly Brilliant
And covertly modest

You make Love easy
You make Love a verb and a noun
It’s impossible to compare You to another
You’re flawless Beauty
The right curves in the right places
The perfect smile, beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair. Gosh! I could go on and on!

And yeah, You’re annoyingly smart
Like I envy that brain of yours
You’re a genius, Sweetie
And I celebrate you
I love You always, Cutie
And I’d always love You by God’s grace

Ajike Morenikeji mi
Γ’wΓ³n mi
The chips to my fish
I love You beyond forever

Plenty Kisses from your Man


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