Awake, Ugly Soul!

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Spewing profanities as lyrics
Wearing improprieties as fashion
Posting ugliness, in the name of being woke.

You advertise your nudity for clout
What happened to your dignity?
Thrown out, I gurss

Self love this, Self love that, you scream.
Soon, you’d love yourself so selfishly, you’d have no love left for anyone else

Apathy clouds your heart
“If” becomes your first thought when God comes to mind
“If God truly exists”, you ask.

What! Ah!
What has come over you? Ehn?
Who has blinded your senses?
Where is that believing part of you eh?
Or you’ve forgotten that you’re a believer eh?
Faith is a forgotten virtue

Love is only for the person in the mirror! Chai!
Your neighbor doesn’t live in that mirror, remember!

Wake up, you ugly soul
And go back to when you once believed in Christ!

Pastor Femi

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