Basics! It’s just simple Basics!!! ðŸ™„🙄🙄

As simple as…

I don’t even know where to start. How can it be said that a doctor fails 75% of sample questions in an anatomy test? Don’t ask me who the doctor is. Just follow my story!😊

For those who don’t know, anatomy is one of the basics of medicine. It is the study of body parts. Medical students generally study this subject early on in medical school, hence, most doctors may forget it by the time they graduate 5-6 years later, with the exception of course, the super brilliant ones who paid key attention to details!🤓

Well, the doctor in question isn’t one of those. The doctor happens to be one of your regular “cool, calm, and collected” doctors who have great bedside manners and amazing knowledge of medicine. What makes anatomy so difficult for this doctor lies in the fact that… Actually, no excuses. The doctor just seems to have forgotten most of his first year basics. 😧😧

On the positive side, there is always room for learning old things again. Such room was made for this doctor in question and the doctor turned out fine in the surgical exams, becoming one of the finest surgeons of our time. For surgery, wothout apt knowledge of anatomy is like skydiving with no parachutes. It always ends in tears.😰😰😰

Okay, enough of medicine! Why this boring article? It’s simple. Every field has its basics. Arithmetic for Mathematics. Logic for Philosophy. Balance sheets and cash flows for Accounting. I can go on and on.

The mastery of any field requires the mastery of the basics. You can’t expect to be successful in the big stuff if you’re not proficient in the very small things.😠

I’d leave you with these five words that have shaped every sphere of human existence significantly:

Get back to the Basics!

Dr Osunlusi

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