So Long, January

Such a long month, it has been!

Starting with new year resolutions and initial gra gra, it gradually slowed down to my birthday when I got the most amazing cake ever, courtesy my Sweetheart and One and Only Lover.

Then they said a particular Monday was Blue Monday (according to them, its the most depressing day of the year on Momday January 20th). Me I kuku didn’t believe all that story. My mood is gallant pa! No depression in this realm fam.

The month also ushered in the birth of my nephew. Such a cutie, right? I know. January boys are cute like that

Baby BamBam

Then there was the reawakening of old, fluid memories today. 27th January. The day the Ikeja Bomb blast happened 18 years ago. Makes me feel like I’m getting old o! To think I was only in JSS1 then. To the souls of those who were lost, you’re not forgotten.

January has been fun, in its own way. But this month should do and end fast abeg. To think my phone also fell and the screen broke completely this month. Chai. On the plus side, welcome my new phone. I’m not gonna tell you what model it is. I’d leave you to guess in the comments section. First correct guess gets a birthday poem from me.

Finally, as January comes to an end, let’s take time to reflect on those baby steps we need to consistently take to achieve those goals we set out to achieve at the beginning of the month. It’s not too late to start all over, you know.

Let’s have fun in the comments box down here. First correct guess gets the prize!

Be sure to check the blog tomorrow evening for the answers.


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