Confessions of a Tired Writer

So I’ve been struggling to come up with an idea to write on for a few days. It’s called Writer’s block, in the creative field.

Well, I finally figured what to write about. I will write about the Writer’s Block” itself. Shebi, if pikin say him mama no go sleep, him self no go close eye.

Let us start with the reason why I’ve had this block. It’s very simple. Running a blog can slowly become a compulsive behaviour. You see ehn, nothing brings more joy than seeing your stats page booming. It brings this joy that makes you feel like you’re relevant.

It’s like seeing your picture being liked a million times on Instagram. You know that feeling? Well you don’t, because you’re not a celebrity like me. Wo, even me self I’m not a celebrity jare. All of us are just managing to get there small small.

It will soon reach 1 million, you hear😜

But in this life ehn, I can’t kill myself. So I dare myself to challenge the norm. I tell myself that my validation doesn’t come from the number of views on my blog page! And that right there, is the God-help-me truth. What’s that thing that has become the centre of your validation in this internet age? Ehn? Your IG page? It can crash o. Your high number of retweets. Gbagbe joor.

my validation doesn’t come from the number of views on my blog page!

Real influence is key. I’m not disputing that you can’t have influence through these mediums o, but please, don’t develop OCD on top followership syndrome. It’s not good for your health abeg.

Oya, back to my writers block palaver. I think another reason I’m finding it difficult to write is because I haven’t read a book in a while.

I know what you’re thinking.

Yes. I’m one of those writers that don’t read often. I’m not a hypocrite dear, it’s just time. Being a Doctor is enough work. Being a Writer on top ehn, combined being a part time Pastor, and you see what I’m talking about. But all na excuses jare, well planned lies.

I will make out time to read. But first, I need book suggestions o. Any body, please. Help me ehn.

Run to the Comments Section below and suggest a good book that will help my brain cells. Don’t let this writer’s block finish your boy.


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