Your Best Bet

There are times when silence is the only option. Other times, speaking is an absolute necessity.
And then there are times when it’s a mix-and-match of both.

A sandwich of speaking and silence.

I think I prefer the silence though. It’s pure bliss.

The world can be quite noisy, you know. Not noise as in “audible” noise. Not sounds. No.

I mean, the sheer disarray and constant bombardment of our senses. Social media is the worst.
The constant need to check up on what’s happening on “WhatsApp Statuses” and “Instagram Stories” and the likes. Little wonder I deleted my Instagram app recently. It serves no real purpose, at least to me.

Now don’t get me wrong. In fact, get me wrong if you so wish! Your business.
All I’m saying is that there is profit in silence as much as there is in the noise. And oh, I know that many people profit from the noise (don’t get me started on social media marketing, I have enjoyed my hair share of profits)

It is in silence that you can reflect and see things differently. It is in separating oneself from all the distractions that one can really make firm, fruitful decisions that pertain to one’s life and others around you.

Clarity comes from silence


Remember, by silence, I’m not referring to eliminating sounds. I’m talking about the complete absence of distractions.

Silence begets Focus.

And do you know the worst kind of noise?
Internal Noise.
And the best kind of silence?
Your guess is as good as mine.

“An Inner Peace and Quiet”

As we start the new year, if anything, strive for this Inner silence and draw strength from there to complete unfinished projects, achieve desired goals and live your best life.

Jesus loves You.

Pastor Femi

4 thoughts on “Your Best Bet

  1. Meditation will help quieten your mind. You need clarity to hear that voice. That Voice that leads. Clarity will help you not to wander in your thoughts especially when you pray. Train your mind. Learn to quieten your mind. These are the things I learnt from this piece. Thank you Pastor Femi. God bless you with more wisdom.


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