Of Abraham

Of leaving family, 
Of breaking long-held ties
Of the uncertainty of the future 
Of trust in the One who holds the future
Of Abraham, the Father of Faith.

What shall we say of his craziness?
His momentary madness on Mount Moriah!
Isaac must have been livid;
What father sacrifices his only son?
God? Sounds familiar!

What shall we say of his values?
Lest you should say ‘I made Abram rich’
Was it pride, egotism, or self-sufficiency?
He could have made a fortune, and rightly so!
Why collect from the King of Sodom what the King of Salem already offered freely, he must have thought.
Why make a fortune when you should be giving a tenth!
Such understanding, such depth!

Image Source: Blackaby

What shall we say of his encounters?
Of the smoking furnace and a burning lamp?
Of the blessing of Melchizedek?
Of the Altar at Bethel?
Of Pharaoh and Abimelech’s punishment despite Abraham’s deception?
Of walking the length and breadth of the land to possess it?
Of believing God when it didn’t look like it?
Of being circumcised at 99?
Of God not being able to hide His plans from him?
Of the haggling negotiations, or shall we say intercessions for Sodom and Gomorrah?

What shall we say of Abraham?

Father, Husband, Leader, Friend of God, Righteous Man,
One who made mistakes and corrected them,
One who protected his family at all cost!
Of the 175 years on this side of eternity. 

Of Abraham…

Pst. Femi

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