To Be or Not To Be

To Be or not to be.

That is the Question.

Being a doctor is, for lack of better words, theatrical beauty. You know the kind of beauty you see when you go to watch a piece in a movie theater? All that beauty is a product of blood and sweat.

Years of study, years of proving yourself, years of regurgitative learning, years of crude apprenticeship. Years and years of multiple exams, failures and successes, big decisions about specialty training, astute commitment to the job, the list is endless.

Guess what such rigours do the the average mind?

One phrase that quickly comes to mind is “Emotional damage”

Thankfully, many doctors aren’t average. They’re the best of the best (or so we’ve all been told).

We spend so much time helping others. It is called a noble profession for that very reason.

As we look back at the recently celebrated World Doctors’ Day, maybe we should start helping ourselves too. Looking out for ourselves, and caring for ourselves.

The Good Doctor is one who knows how to help others, but also how to help themselves. Physician, do well to remember to heal thyself.


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