Make it Viral

About 1 year ago, I trended for the wrong reason.

I wrote a post that was quite triggering, and it went terribly viral in less than 24 hours.

About 19 thousand views within a 72 hour period. Bloody Hell!

I quickly learnt one of my greatest lessons as a writer, and as a doctor.

The Written Word is a lamp, it can light up, but it can burn down!

Fast forward to one year later and I can say that I still haven’t recovered from that post. The feedback was crippling. My ink dried, thanks to the rushing wind of brutal comments. My wife wasn’t spared. They came for her too. The exposure was… let’s just say, traumatic.

But then, that’s the burden of a writer. To face criticisms and learn from them.

It has taken nearly a year to recover. Now I can write, but I am careful. My ink is back, but my GMC number is the cap to my pen. After all, I am a doctor who must be held to Good Medical Practice standards. And so help me God to be that doctor always, and a writer too.

Why am I writing this article?

In a world where your words can be anything, please let them be kind. You never know who is on the receiving end of your comments, be it on social media or in your everyday communications with people.

Let’s be kind, and let the kindness go viral.


Husband, Doctor, Writer

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