The Rotten Plantain

I was once green,Fresh out of school.New to life,I wanted to be ripe. I was once greenLooked like a foolThrough struggles, through strifeI realize, I would one day be ripe. On came the yellow and black spotsThe beauty, the sightsMama, in the corner said to me"Look at you shining so bright" I was excited, happy, … Continue reading The Rotten Plantain

Of Dinah; Of Being Spoken For.

Only DaughterBorn to an unloved wifeHer advantage, forcefully takenHer forgiveness, willfully given. "He said he loved me,What part of that did you not get?Everyone knows now what was done,So who else will have me?Or did you think I was foolish to stay back in his house?Did you have to kill him?Did you have to take … Continue reading Of Dinah; Of Being Spoken For.

5 Sure Tips For A Fabulous February

So. The new month is finally upon us. The trial-version month called January is finally over All those unachieved new year resolutions are back to being recycled. January has helped some people recover from the hangover of Detty December, especially financially. But it has also shown some people pepper. Thankfully, February is here to wipe … Continue reading 5 Sure Tips For A Fabulous February