It’s a New Day!

Image Source: Pexels The sun is up,The stars are gone.Ready or not,It's a bright new dayBirds Chirping,Wings flappingMercies renewingIt's a bright new dayI've got a Strong HelpI see His glory all my daysHis mercies never failNot even for a dayHis Presence always staysHis Truth never failsI bask in His GraceAnd I walk in His ways.It's … Continue reading It’s a New Day!

The Rotten Plantain

I was once green,Fresh out of school.New to life,I wanted to be ripe. I was once greenLooked like a foolThrough struggles, through strifeI realize, I would one day be ripe. On came the yellow and black spotsThe beauty, the sightsMama, in the corner said to me"Look at you shining so bright" I was excited, happy, … Continue reading The Rotten Plantain