The Mo-6

Civil Disobedience Holy Defiance Resistance to an evil authority Moses was a type of Jesus. Jesus came to save the world; Moses was to save the Israelites. Jesus brought the New Testament of grace; Moses brought the First Testament of the Law. A whole chapter in the book of Hebrews (See Heb. ch3) talks extensively … Continue reading The Mo-6

Awake, Ugly Soul!

Image Source: Spewing profanities as lyricsWearing improprieties as fashionPosting ugliness, in the name of being woke. You advertise your nudity for cloutWhat happened to your dignity?Thrown out, I gurss Self love this, Self love that, you scream.Soon, you'd love yourself so selfishly, you'd have no love left for anyone else Apathy clouds your heart"If" … Continue reading Awake, Ugly Soul!