The Unsung Praises of a Med Reg

Very few people carry the burden of the NHS on their shoulders, or should we say, on their heads. The Med Reg tops the list when it comes to this category of heroes. This post is dedicated to all the "Medical Registrars" in the NHS, we see you. Well Done! If they're not looking grumpy, … Continue reading The Unsung Praises of a Med Reg

The Rotten Plantain

I was once green,Fresh out of school.New to life,I wanted to be ripe. I was once greenLooked like a foolThrough struggles, through strifeI realize, I would one day be ripe. On came the yellow and black spotsThe beauty, the sightsMama, in the corner said to me"Look at you shining so bright" I was excited, happy, … Continue reading The Rotten Plantain