The Mo-6 (Pt. 2)

Hi Everyone, it's another episode today on our Mo-6 series. For those who don't know what Mo-6 stands for, it's a catchy word that represents six pivotal women who played major roles in the life of Moses. Too many a time, we focus on the male characters in the scriptures that they often overshadow the … Continue reading The Mo-6 (Pt. 2)

The Mo-6

Civil Disobedience Holy Defiance Resistance to an evil authority Moses was a type of Jesus. Jesus came to save the world; Moses was to save the Israelites. Jesus brought the New Testament of grace; Moses brought the First Testament of the Law. A whole chapter in the book of Hebrews (See Heb. ch3) talks extensively … Continue reading The Mo-6

5 Sure Tips For A Fabulous February

So. The new month is finally upon us. The trial-version month called January is finally over All those unachieved new year resolutions are back to being recycled. January has helped some people recover from the hangover of Detty December, especially financially. But it has also shown some people pepper. Thankfully, February is here to wipe … Continue reading 5 Sure Tips For A Fabulous February