Damsel in Distress (2)

Damsel in Distress

Hi, it’s Tales by Tuesday and we’d continue our story from Saturday (by popular demand). In case you missed it,  here’s a link to quickly read it before you go on to read this Part 2

Damsel in Distress Part 1

So let’s get into part 2 quickly
Shade was sure this time that she had gotten over Victor and Simi; and Tunde too. She was ready to face her books and the future ahead of her. A slim, average-height lady, Shade used to get a lot of attention from the guys but she was determined to shun all that attention and make a meaning of the fragments of her life. 
She would spend the next semester living a triangle life. Hostel-Class-Fellowship. Talking of Fellowship. That’s where people go to hear good things about hope and faith, and a second chance and many nice Christian stuff and Shade figured out that she could use some of those words of encouragement at this point of her life. Little did she know that foxes do hide in sheep clothing. 
His name was Fred and he was a Fellowship Man, the President of the youth fellowship in fact. Quite a cool guy, Fred really had feelings towards Shade, but rather than come out clean that he really liked her, he used the God-said-you-are-my-wife move. Shade, not wanting to disrespect a man of God, kindly told him she was going to pray about it and Fred took that as a Yes. Two days after Fred announced “God’s declaration”, he was already sending her Songs of Solomon as daily devotionals to study via Whatsapp. Shade agreed to go for a vigil he organised at the school’s prayer ground one night, only to get there and meet no one except him. 

His defense? God said that he should tell her that her disobedience to God’s commands would mean severe punishment. Such a manipulative scumbag he was. He even went as far as feigning prophecies about her daughter Funke. She had confided in him once (since he was her fellowship pastor) that her daughter was a sickler. He told her with brazen eyes that night that God was only going to give the young girl a miracle if she agreed to His terms! 
Maybe it was her ignorance of whom God really was, or her desperation to see her little baby lead a normal life, or sheer gullibility. Whatever it was Shade fell for Fred’s baloney and soon, she was in a “relationship” with Pastor Fred.

Pastor Fred, with listening ears

Did I mention that Shade had a thing for people who had listening ears? That was her soft spot and Fred knew how to exploit it well. He would constantly call her in for counselling sessions in his room claiming that God wanted her to tell him about all her troubles and worries. “Cast all your cares unto the servant of the Lord,  Sister Shade,  for I care for you“. Finally, Shade felt like she was with the man of her dreams truly. God-fearing, brilliant, handsome, and with listening ears. What more could you ask for in a guy. She wanted to take things slow though, and also wanted to focus on her studies, but also like to be with Fred. Maybe she didn’t really know what she wanted. And then once she got a call from home that Funke wasn’t feeling too well. She rang Fred immediately and told him about it. He said a word of prayer and told her to call home right away. She did and in less than a space of ten minutes,  Funke had gotten better sporadically! Or should we say miraculously!  Truly, Fred was the One! 
This was the beginning of a twist in Funke’s affection towards Fred. Here she was in final year, on the verge of her future and here was Fred,  Pastor Fred, who was a “man of God” in his finals too.  Cool and easy going,  a little bit too spiritual, but had one thing she never liked from day one. He was just damn too authoritative. Or should we call it bossy. He never wooed her per say, he was just like “God-said” and that was it.  Did he really like her? 

She once confronted him with the question of whether or not he really liked her and guess his reply:

 “I’m only doing this because God told me to. Who would want to marry you, a single mother who has been used and dumped? Anyways, I’m just obeying God and you better do too”
That was when she realized that she was in for it big time?

What should Shade do? 

Are there really guys like Fred out there? 

If you were in Shade’s shoes,  would you choose your happiness over your daughter’s health?  

Looking forward to your comments and replies!!!



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One thought on “Damsel in Distress (2)

  1. Great story!
    I think Shade should have withdrawn long and well enough to analyze her feelings and the situation clearly. Good advice would have helped too.
    Yeah, definitely. Evil opportunists in the name of God.
    Her happiness and the health of her child are tied together. Besides, who says Fred has the key to Funke’s health? I understand that desperation and emotions can cloud reasoning. That’s why she ought to have drawn back a little.


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