The African Child 

I’m an African Child

It cannot be overstated that Africa has a major endemic disease: POVERTY. Let’s look at the facts by zooming in on one African country of interest to me and a true reflection of others

Nigeria, with a population of over 175 million…is one of the poorest…countries in the world, with over..64% of her population living below poverty line.

Poverty and hunger have remained high in rural areas,…  37% of children under five years old were stunted, 18 percent wasted (and) 29% underweight.

Only 10% of children aged 6-23 months are fed appropriately based on recommended infant and young children feeding practices.

    But in the midst of all these, we see something shocking.  We see the Spirit of the African Child.  

    The poem below is dedicated to every child out there who is from Africa and has had their fair share of the struggles stated above. 

    To the African Child


    Ibukun Abraham 

    A quiet lady full of words (and action); a follower of Christ


    You can help to stop Poverty. All it takes is looking around you for needs in your environment that you can meet. Selflessly, we can put a smile on an African Child’s face.  Go out of your way TODAY and be a light to someone’s dark world. 

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    3 thoughts on “The African Child 

    1. The cutest little child ever what country is she from? Good luck Nigeria you are making progress still have areas that need improvement.the gap between rich and poor.greetings from sunny Florida 🌻.


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