Aafin Daru -Palace in Pieces (4)

Hi… It’s been a long story so far. And a very intriguing one at that. In case you missed any of the previous episodes, catch up quickly before reading today’s story.

Aafin Daru – Palace In Pieces (1)
Aafin Daru – Palace In Pieces (2)
Aafin Daru – Palace In Pieces (3)

Now let’s get to today’s story quickly


Adejugba! Adejugba!  

No one could pacify the raging Prince. King Ademoluti called out to him to no avail. He had Debola in the clutches of his hands with his blazing sword on his neck, blood gushing from the wound on his thigh. Adejugba had been consumed by something that no one could understand.


The King had ordered everyone to return to their houses and for Ooshagbayi to be summoned. Only the chiefs were allowed to stay back. King Remo pleaded with Adejugba from a reasonable distance “Please spare my son’s life, Adejugba. Oju kan ępa mi ni, he’s the only child I have. Name whatever you want and you’d have it”


But Adejugba seemed to have gone deaf. Nothing could pacify him. He seemed also to have gotten the strength of ten mighty men. The palace guards whom King Ademoluti initially sent to tie Adejugba down were laying lifeless on the  dusty townsquare floor. It was a bloody afternoon. It seemed the devil was so thirsty that he decided to possess the young, innocent Prince.


Ooshagbayi arrived with his divination mat in one hand and a black crow in another. Without asking any questions or showing any concern for the two princes who were fighting each other to death, Ooshagbayi faced King Ademoluti with brazen eyes and pronounced with a loud voice  “Kabiyeesi, the bug eating the tree is the tree itself. Adejugba is just acting on instructions from the gods, Kabiyeesi


Ademoluti initially responded in denial  “Ooshagbayi, what nonsense are you talking about?


Kabiyeesi, Kabiyeesi, the gods are ready to spill more blood, if you choose to remain silent on the matter. Soon, the winds will blow and the chicken’s feathers would all be gone


Ooshagbayi looked pitifully on Prince Adejugba. He wished he could help his friend. But he wouldn’t get involved in another man’s problems at the expense of his life. He remembered that his own father, Ooshadipe, never lived to tell the tales.


“Kabiyeesi, here is the sacrifice. The gods say that you know what to do” he said as he handed the black crow to the king before leaving the townsquare. It was then King Ademoluti broke down in tears.


Ah, temi bami. I am doomed“. Before Ademoluti could continue in his wallowings, King Remo grabbed the crow out of his hands, twisted it’s neck and in q twinkle of an eye, Ademoluti was on the floor vomiting blood.


Adejugba immediately regained his senses and left Debola alone. King Remo rushed to his son who was in a pool of his own blood. The chiefs stood there as onlookers. Nobody dared touch the dying king. Adejugba rushed at his father quickly but was stopped by Chief Otun. “Eewo! A fly must know not to follow the corpse into the grave. He’s gone, he’s gone!

Six weeks later


People of Ilugbayi, I stand before you today as your King, Oba Adejugba of Ilugbayi. And I know we’ve been through a lot in the past few weeks. Especially following the news and rumors that surrounded my father’s demise. But a new season is here. And may the gods bless you all as we celebrate this newness together” Adejugba said as he gave his first speech after his coronation ceremony.

PS. Rumors have it that Oba Ademoluti was involved in some sort of ritual activities. The reason behind his death still remains unknown. But for those who wish to know, we can only be sure of one thing!  The black crow that King Remo killed disappeared immediately from his hands.



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