The Rotten Plantain

I was once green,
Fresh out of school.
New to life,
I wanted to be ripe.

I was once green
Looked like a fool
Through struggles, through strife
I realize, I would one day be ripe.

On came the yellow and black spots
The beauty, the sights
Mama, in the corner said to me
“Look at you shining so bright”

I was excited, happy, elated, giddy
I clung to my skin, finally, no longer green

And when the knife came for my brothers,
I hid
When my sisters swam in simmering hot oil,
I hid.

Was it fear, or comfort,
I would never know.
My skin began to change of some sort,
Gone were the days I stole the shine of the show

I lay shriveled,
Alone, not useful to anyone.
I’m a rotten plantain.

Hope you won’t be me

Image Source: The Pioneer Woman


5 thoughts on “The Rotten Plantain

  1. May we know the prime time of our lives. So we don’t keep asking God for another opportunity to shine. Shine your light now, be a guide to those in the dark. Don’t wait till it’s too late to shine.
    May God help us to fearlessly “enter the hot oils” and “take the knives”.

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