Lovely Childhood Throwbacks

Who remembers Daddy Showkey and Baba Fryo…. Hope I got the spellings right tho’…I must admit that those days were good old days when dancing galala in the rain was fun!
If you had your childhood in the 90s and you don’t have this nostalgia about what I’m saying, then wait till I remind you of Baba Dudu and tanfiri.… These were the best snacks you could get at the cheapest prices then in Primary School… And to think of ice water…Gosh!!! If I recall well, Ice water sold for N1 then… My goodness!
And there were those lovely crayons… Those wax crayons that your mom would buy you and you’d finish one pack in a fine arts class….
Mehn… the good old days…

But the Classic still remains that fruit we all called “fruit“… Almond, I hear it’s called… Then there was also”awin“…..
And the awesome combinations… Like “roasted corn and ube”…. Or “boli and epa”….wp-1461945847686.jpg
Gone are the days when kids used to play “ten ten” and “suwe” in the open field and Street football was fun…
Despite knowing our parents would scold the life out of us if we ever indulged in these things… We still did the unthinkable… Like converting your dinning table to a table-tennis platform….

Those were precious moments I must say, and painful it is to know that children of nowadays have lost to candy crush and subway surf…

Please guys… I really want my kids to catch all the fun when they finally come… So help out an inquisitive friend.. Share your funniest childhood memories… Looking forward to your crazy childhood acts… Don’t worry, Mummy isn’t here to spank you, and I wouldn’t be the snitch younger brother to tell her….

Waiting for your comments y’all…

10 thoughts on “Lovely Childhood Throwbacks

  1. Thanks alakowe for reminding us of those good old days. As a child I grew up in a military environment n was exposed to a lot of childhood games n activiities I think shld be considered for d olympics some day. Is it ‘ baram’, ‘bolugos’, ‘kalokalo’, etc. I know these names will sound strange to guys except to d initiated, lol. Those were days that when it rained, regardless of its degree n intensity we must enter n do our games. Is anybody forgetting rain ball, boats surfing in d gutters, catching of tadpoles, catcher. Plz anybody when last did u see children do ‘ police n thief’, ‘ I call on’ ? Not also forgetting d generations of briggs game, familycon, sega, nitendo. Infact each season has its games n activities; agbalumo seed( for kalokalo), mango seed( for insect in matchbox), etc . These might be too advanced for some, it is meant for only d generations where living in fenced houses n storey buildings is no barrier to enjoying ur childhood. Will share more of my thoughts when d inspiration resumes.


  2. Oh sure,tinkotinko,who is in the garden?, moonlight tales,I bought a lots of sisi pelebe,balewa…..I love my childhood memories.


  3. @Asaolu Titlope…yh I remember sisi pelebe
    I also remember kokoro, dankuwa, Okin short cake, Tandi gurana, crush and gold spot(I even preferred them to fanta), and so on
    Games were plenty then, mostly outdoor games(TV opened by 4pm) so we kept ourselves busy before then. Hide and seek, police and thief, boju-boju, bread and butter, different and the same(the girls will understand), skipping ropes were for fun then (not for exercise), mother-may-I, change your style and be like that( wicked game if u’re asked to be like that in a painful position), Suwe(u build a lot of houses and others will be begging u or stretch and jump), sandalili(I later found out it was ‘standard living’…lol), there were just so many. We were actually having fun not knowing we were exercising. Running around in the open air and breathing in fresh air(generators fumes were not everywhere then).
    Then 4pm you won’t see any child outside again. Super force, Voltron, silver hawks, Ovid, Dodo, and all those cartoons.
    Those days were really fun and for experimenting. We had a backyard where I and my siblings used to plant anything(but usually during d hols).
    I could go on and on, and shake my when I remember what children of nowadays are missing. The age of technology and long school hours have made stay mostly indoors and only play soft ware games and watch TV and movies.
    Yeah childhood memories brings a big smile on my face
    @Alakowe…thanks for dis piece, and sorry if my reply is very long. Hope I have helped in my little way tho…lol


    1. Long??? At all… Thanks a lot for the throwback insights… I’d sure keep many of them in my archives for my unborn children


  4. I remember pinky and d brain, robocot, Binta my daughter, ekana gowon, goody goody, after round 1, Suwe, super man… Chai dis generation dey miss


  5. Lol! Where did you guys throw all dis… .
    #Frekerzoied.. (no I want get the spelling)
    ####… The list just dey..


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