7 Signs that You’re Definitely Under Too Much Stress

Before I start,  let me quickly say this: If you live in Lagos, Nigeria, then you’re definitely under stress. Just kidding though. 

Everyday of our lives, we are faced with stressful situations. Work, family, relationships with people and what have you. Thankfully, the human body has special ways of handling and coping with different levels of stress. In fact, without these stressors, life may be very boring. 
But then,  there comes a time when you get under so much pressure and it seems you’re going to have a nervous breakdown any moment from then. That’s a sign  you’re going off the edge and you need to watch it.  

Here are seven classic signs that you’re under too much stress 

  1. When you get easily agitated, frustrated and moody
  2.  When you begin to feel overwhelmed, like you are losing control
  3. When your thoughts are more of constant worrying or you begin to have racing thoughts
  4.  When you forget things easily and disorganisation sets in,  making you unable to focus
  5. When you notice changes in your appetite – either not eating or eating too much
  6. When you  begin to procrastinate and avoid responsibilities intentionally 
  7. Most importantly, when your body begins to give you signs like headaches, muscle pains, poor sleep,  etc

    You only have one body and you have a responsibility to look after it. Don’t break down in the name of achieving goals or breaking grounds. You can only enjoy the benefits of all the hardwork when you’re alive and in good health.
    Cut yourself some slack. Have fun. Play. Relax. And then, look for easier ways to get the job done!  You’d be fine, definitely.

    Like the saying goes,  it is not stress that kills us,  but our reactions to it.

    Relax, Play, Have Fun


    Dr Osunlusi 

    MBBS Lagos 

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