The “messiah”

He walks to the podium as the crowd goes wild

Cheering blindly for their new messiah

His belly bounces nonchalantly with each step

Full of ingested plans and digested dreams

 “Great people of The Koko Land” he said

As he begins to sweet-talk the fools he had fed

They nod to all the rubbish he says

And applaud all his ‘fantastic’ ideas

He talks about a ‘mission’ and a ‘vision’

Like how he would make healthcare free,

Or reduce the price of fish

About his ‘goals’ and ‘ambition’

About his ‘agendas’ and other political gibberish

He goes on to destroy the competition

And ends his speech with how transparent his last term was

Because, though his ways were more crooked than his nose

He always had a plan for every scandal that arose


Wilson T. M. 

Guest Contributor for EnGw 

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