Aafin Daru – Palace in Pieces (2)

Hi there… ..  It’s Saturday and it’s story time. Did you miss the previous episode?  Read up quickly here

Aafin Daru- Palace In Pieces (1)

Let’s get quickly to today’s story..

King Ademoluti was keen on getting to the root of the matter. He quickly summoned the three custodians of the dieties-Sangoleye, Ifasawo, Osungbamila. He called for an urgent meeting with them in the palace and they were swift to respond.

I have called three of you to the palace because of a very serious matter. As you all know, all my sons are dead because you failed the Curse of Adigun, my first Olori. But what shocks me is that even my daughters are joining the train to meet Eledumare. My only light is Adejugba, my new born son. I cherish him and wouldn’t want to lose him for any reason. Help me,  e gba mi.


Sangoleye, Ifasawo and Osungbamila in the palace of the King

Sangoleye and Ifasawo glanced at Osungbamila suspiciously. They all knew what was wrong but who will bell the cat. Together,  the two men said to Osungbamila “ladies first

Osungbamila, popularly called Yeye Osun, looked pitifully on the king and gave a long heave and a sigh. She had made an inquiry into the matter before leaving her shrine for the palace and she knew the consequences of saying the unstable. Hence, she took the easy way out and with that long sigh, she said to king Ademoluti, “Osun has no words for the king, Kabiyeesi“.

On seeing Osungbamila’s deflection, Sangoleye and Ifasawo became more convinced and chose the unequivocally ambiguous route in their responses to the king. After two long hours,  the meeting was fruitles. The king thanked them nonetheless and bade them farewell.

Just as the trio got up to leave the king’s presence, Ooshadipe came in unannounced. He skipped the usual pleasantries and spoke with such a time that you knew something sinister was about to happen.

Kabiyeesi, the bug eating up the tree is living right inside the tree. In fact, the tree itself is the bug. Kabiyeesi, the gods say that you are the source of the problem and for Adejugba to live, I’m afraid, Kabiyeesi, that… “
That what Ooshadipe?” everyone echoed
I’m afraid that the king would have to...” Ooshadipe said again with a cautious pause.
Will have to what?” King Ademoluti said, this time with anger at Ooshadipe’s hesitation
I’m afraid that the king will have to, to.. “.

Without getting an opportunity to complete his statement, Ooshadipe falls to the ground and develops a seizure. The king rushes to touch him but is quickly drawn back by Ifasawo. “Eewo, Kabiyeesi!”

What did Ooshadipe want to say? What could be so abominable to have cost him his life? Find out more in the next episode. Until Tuesday, fingers crossed! 



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