What would you do if…? 

Hi Fam.. It’s Freestyle Friday and today,  we’re going into the wild! Yeah… Like some really wild stuffs… Just kidding as usual! 

Let’s look at the supposedly impossible together; those situations that we don’t prepare for in life. Irrespective of how futuristic you are, irrespective of how much of a planner you are, you just won’t see some things coming!

So let’s play a game.  

For the Singles

What would you do if… 

  •  You woke up this morning  and saw that you’ve grown twenty years older. 
  • And you were already married with kids
  • And you can’t remember the last twenty years of your life, you can’t even remember getting married to the person who calls himself or herself your spouse.

For those who are Married? 

What would you do if 

  •  You woke up this morning  and saw that you’ve grown twenty years younger. 
  •  And you were a child in a different family entirely
  • And all you remember is being twenty years older and married and all but you find yourself in your younger body

Trust me when I say that wild things run through my mind.  


But… That’s not the real game I want us to play..  The real game is to answer this question in the comments section.. 

What would you do if you were had absolute power for 24 hours! 

(absolute power is the ability to do anything at all…  I mean the kind of power that allows you to do virtually anything you want

Now I’m so itching to read your comments. Let’s get the game rolling already. You want to know what I’d do? Let’s meet in the comments section..


2 thoughts on “What would you do if…? 

  1. Well… If I had absolute power for 24 hours, I’d make sure there is a permanent solution to the electricity problem in Nigeria. And yeah, I’d delete Bob***ky from this country 😀


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