Aunty Tawa say…

Buy Butter Bread! O’ngbona bread!! O’nyọ butter bread!!!

Her voice, thin as a bird’s, sung out lyrics of sweat and toil. She was my alarm clock every morning, and the source of my day’s strength. Her Agege bread was divinely satisfying.

I once asked her, “Aunty Tawa, wetin make you for dey sell bread?”

My brother, na condition make crayfish bend o”

I later found out that she was a highschool dropout who was doing what it took to make ends meet for her family.

I recently bumped into Aunty Tawa last week. She had grown older over the years, more wrinkles on her face and less bread on her head. She now owns a bakery.

My brother, no condition is permanent o“, she said, with a broad smile on her face

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EnGw- Efiko na God work.

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